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Originally Posted by jdirelan87
'FX' lens as they are calling it now far outnumber 'DX' lens... any lens made before the 'digital revolution' is an 'FX' lens. Also, if you put a 'DX' lens on a full frame camera, you'll get alot more than soft images, you'll get blacked out corners at certain focal lengths.

... D700 might have better resolution at higher ISO, but like I said for my purposes the only major difference is the full frame. The D200 is a good camera, but most Nikon users would agree that the D300 is in another league... including in several key areas for me (most notable megapixels and focusing).
Yeah blacked out corners vignetting or whatever was what I meant. I was speaking in reference of the new lenses, and the VR lenses.

The D300 is a better camera than the D200, one thing the 51 point AF in the D300 I have tried out, and instead of the standard focus points like I have in my D80 It will focus on a broader area when you switch it to dynamic area. Sometimes my D80 will focus where I don't want it to. I believe the D200 has the same standard focus points as the D80. The D300 doesn't have any in the view finder, but they will show when you press the shutter half way. The D700 has the same 51 point AF as well. The frame rate on both the D300 and 700 stand out to me 6fps for the D300 and 5fps for the D700, when you use the battery grip it will jump to 8fps. My D80 is only a measly 2.5fps.
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