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Originally Posted by jdirelan87
'FX' lens as they are calling it now far outnumber 'DX' lens... any lens made before the 'digital revolution' is an 'FX' lens. Also, if you put a 'DX' lens on a full frame camera, you'll get alot more than soft images, you'll get blacked out corners at certain focal lengths.

... D700 might have better resolution at higher ISO, but like I said for my purposes the only major difference is the full frame. The D200 is a good camera, but most Nikon users would agree that the D300 is in another league... including in several key areas for me (most notable megapixels and focusing).
I believe some of the newer Nikon full-frames will detect DX glass, and crop the sensor to accomodate it, therefore to black edges. You might check into that if you do have any DX glass.

Regarding FF versus Crop, I personally never see myself moving away from crop-sensors unless a) the price of FF matches crop or b) Canon does away with crop sensors altogether. I don't see either of these happening. For me, the advantages of a crop sensor far outweigh the advantages of FF, and as technology increases, crop sensors will narrow the advantage gap FFs have regarding better ISO performance and image quality. Absolutely no way I'd go FF if I were you, just buy a nice lens with the $1000 you saved.
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