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Originally Posted by WKUrailfan
Second, if you're shooting with a 35mm lens on a 1.6x cropped sensor (D300) your focal length is magnified to around 56mm. If you want the dof and compression of a 35mm focal length, you need to use that lens on full frame camera. Either that or use a 20mm on a cropped sensor to get close to 35mm.
Math/accuracy nut here. First of all, John's references to "35mm" are to full frame format, not to a lens of a particular focal length. As in "35mm film".

Second, Nikons are 1.5x (Canons are 1.6X) so the 20mm is a 30mm (try a 24mm to get close to 35mm) and the 35mm is a 52.5mm.
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