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Originally Posted by John Craft
If results, and images, are more important, go with the D300, and if you want to future-proof your decision, stick to FX lenses.
Sorry John, but that statement right there betrays your ignorance in regards to digital cameras. First off, the results and images made by the D700 are FAR FAR better than the D300. The D700 is basically a D3 crammed into a D300 body with a D3 sensor. The color saturation, contrast, and noise of the D700 are miles ahead of the D300. There's almost no comparison. Try shooting at ISO's 1600, 2000, 3200, or 5000 with the D300, and none of your pictures will have a chance here on Clean images at high ISO, megapixel count, resolution, image quality, ALL better on the D700. Larger view through the viewfinder as well.

Second, if you're shooting with a 35mm lens on a 1.6x cropped sensor (D300) your focal length is magnified to around 56mm. If you want the dof and compression of a 35mm focal length, you need to use that lens on full frame camera. Either that or use a 20mm on a cropped sensor to get close to 35mm.
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