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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog
I don't understand the need for railfans to tell other railfans how to shoot and to imply they're doing it wrong. I don't mean giving advice, esp. when asked for, but I do mean when people make stupid implications that they shouldn't shoot DPUs or engines with FREDs and that they shouldn't shoot wedgies or shuold shoot GEVOs.

Understood less is why people spend so much time on message boards fussing at one another in the steam charters versus diesel freights debate or any other such debate. The clear implication is always that one person is just wrong while the other is right. That's just plain silly. To each their own. Let them shoot how they want to.

Now with that said, when I first got into this hobby, I didn't like shooting NS. CSX was interesting then with all kinds of leasors and foreign power in these parts. But NS was almost always nothing but Black Oil, as I called it, a reference to the alien life form on "The X Files" that took over people's bodies, killed them and then made them do bad things.

Of course, later I realized some of those black lash-ups I was passing by had engine types that were quickly vanishing, most notably high high B23-7s and even still a few U-boats, possibly. So, yay, I got every lease engine HLCX had. Great. But I got two quick grab shots of Dash 7s with high hoods leading. That's why I don't care what's on lead now. I shoot it if I have a change, watch it roll by if I don't.

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