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Originally Posted by a231pacific
As an aside to Mike B's comment about "shooting fish in a barrel," how is that different from having inside information and going out to shoot a move as a result, other than the fact that you don't have to pay for it? It seems to me that railfanning the UP or the BNSF or Metra or the NE corridor is more like fishing with dynamite than shooting fish in a barrel!

Michael Allen

It's different because the railroad is going about its business without the railfan in mind. I'm just cutting off the wasted time trackside and only go out when there is something I want to shoot. On a charter the sole reason for the train being there is for the railfans and the train does what the railfans want. The schedule of a charter is determined by railfans. If I could decide when what trains are going to run, I would never go to work. I can't even tell you how many times I've been unable to shoot an excellent train due to bad running times or bad weather. I had to skip shooting the BNSF 7812 just this morning since it was cloudy and with rain in the area (of course it's sunny now). Last week I had to miss the CITX 141 on a freight because it ran at night. So, no, it certainly is not like shooting fish in a barrel even with inside information since schedules change, power change, routes change, etc. It is easier to get the good trains, but no where near perfect.
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