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Andrew, I do like your shot and I am really glad to see you out there pushing the envelope. It will make RP a more interesting site to visit, but I know that there will still be a enough wedgies out there to keep the masses happy!

I read your description of what went into the composition of your shot, went back and looked at it again. I'm more impressed after the second viewing. Framing is something I need to start giving some thought to.

As an aside to Mike B's comment about "shooting fish in a barrel," how is that different from having inside information and going out to shoot a move as a result, other than the fact that you don't have to pay for it? It seems to me that railfanning the UP or the BNSF or Metra or the NE corridor is more like fishing with dynamite than shooting fish in a barrel!

In the final analysis, it's what you make of it that matters. You can get perfectly average wedgies standing alongside the main anywhere, whether they are of service trains, special moves or charters, or you can try for something different. It's up to you.

Michael Allen
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