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The Michael Rhodes shot is better than Andrew's (sorry Andrew) because it's a more effective use of framing and the foreground subject is more interesting. In Andrew's shot the subject is probably the fence, but it's sort of a diffused subject in that it covers most of the shot. The dead area to the right also detracts.

Both are similar in that they are photos in which the train is merely an element in the picture. I happen to like this sort of shot, although just like wedgies, a whole lot of out of focus "where's Waldo" type shots would soon outlive their welcome.

Since the site is called RailPictures, the rules pretty much require that the image be railroad related, but I see nothing to prevent fine photographs from being accepted where the railroad element is almost incidental to the photo. Personally, I'd rather look at a creative scenic or human interest shot than yet another well lit, tightly framed 3/4 angle BNSF pumpkin. There are others who feel exactly the opposite. I think there is room on RP for both types of photos.

Michael Allen
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