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Default NS (Maserk) 3329 Bad ordered at Enola

Originally posted by E.M. Bell:
Looks like the NS 3329 (SD40-2 painted for Maserk) finally made it out of Ohio after a month of captive service. It shows as a Bad order at Enola Pa at 0929 on 12/17/02

Showing my stupidity of rail lingo here, what exactly are you saying?

By "captive service" I think it means it was made to work in like, just a railyard moving stuff around and out of the way as needed...

Now, I am not sure at all what "bad ordered" means, beyond a guess that it was sent to do some job, but it really should have been elsewhere.

Am I close here or just really, really stupid? [img]laff.gif[/img]

Thanks for any reply...
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