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Originally Posted by alexramos
What do you guys think. It was rejected because it was too dark. Had I made it any brighter the highlights in the sky would start to burn...

Alex Ramos
Two quick comments. First of all, in general, one can make lots of adjustments to a shot besides a simple brightness adjustment that shifts the histogram to the right and blows the highlights.

But second, I think this shot falls into a "between" range for RP, too light for silhouette, too dark for a regular moody sort of shot.

I think it would work much better in the "moody" realm if you cropped from the left and top. I think it will have more of a feel of a dark main element with a bright glow in the clouds, without the distractions on the margins that considerably soften the "message" or theme. Oh, take a bit from the right also. So the shot becomes the pier and the main cloud as focal points, more of a direct contrast between the two tonalities also, and there is less extraneous stuff that sort of occupies the middle ground but adds nothing to tonality or composition.
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