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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
The newer Nikons do have an HDR shooting mode, but the (serious) downside to it is that you end up with a JPEG, not a raw image. It has its place, mainly for static shots where the required dynamic range is not ridiculously wide, but I have not found it all that useful. Before you can even activate that mode, you have to change the camera's capture mode to one of the JPEG settings, and I am always afraid I will forget to put it back on raw.
I knew some of the newer ones had the ability, just didn't know the particulars. I'm not really a Nikon kinda guy

Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
I have a friend in CT who shoots at night a lot.....he's hard core and he does post images on RP. Even an experienced shooter like him fully admits that there are a lot of nights when he comes home with little to show for his efforts....but with every session, you do learn, even if it is what NOT to do.
It's a puzzle with every shot that requires skill, knowledge, and some luck to bat a decent average in the dark. Years ago I focused solely on the railroad stuff, but nighttime landscapes and astrophotography have most of my attention now. It does sucks to drive 3 hours for a potential shot only to come back empty handed, but it's a feeling any serious night shooter knows well.

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