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Originally Posted by Grewup on the CW View Post
Im sure NS has supported in more ways than we all know about, as I mentioned but why stop now? PTC for 611 should be a no brainer for NS and if cost is an issue for VMT, I go back to my original point that you would think that would still want to keep promoting their heritage....

You mentioned 4 loco's 611 so the other 3? 4501, NKP & ?
Is PTC taken care of for those loco's?
4501, 630, 765, 611

NS does still promote their Heritage. They sponsor many community events around their system, and there's still 20 locomotives that are now starting to rotate through the paint booth and they aren't coming out black.

Finally concerning PTC.. Any locomotives that have a shot to run on PTC mainlines, will have to be equipped with the equipment. Multiple societies are working towards that goal.

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