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Cool Looking for more input

Last July some friends and I spent a few days in the Black Hills and chased the Black Hills Central that has a neat 2-6-6-2 that years ago I photographed when it hauled logs for Rayonier. My favorite image from the trip was this one:


which I submitted to RP and it was rejected both initially and on appeal. I can more or less understand why, there are a bunch of issues, but I fell in love with the sky. To me the sky is what made the image interesting.

I could have submitted this one:


which I'm guessing would have been accepted (wedgie, good lighting, yada, yada, yada....) but I just didn't find it "interesting" enough to get excited about. So it just resides in my personal website as kind of a record shot.

I'm just curious as to how the readers here compare the merits of the two shots. Maybe I'm just out of step with the world.
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