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Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
Can I plug my own (re-edited) shot?

It's been over a week and this 1/15th "zoom-pan" of N&W #611 has yet to break a 1000 views. It didn't even reach 400 during the first 24 hours. It was posted during the big drone linking blitz last week - bad timing out of my control.

It was a "high risk" shot for me - there being so little sun and blue skies during the July 4th weekend in Roanoke and it being the first time I ever saw #611 in action. Typically, I like to lock in a couple sure shots before grabbing a pan - but, no guts no glory, right?

Another good reason to post this shot here in the gallery is that I have re-edited the shot. The first time around I had left the ballast a bit overexposed - wouldn't it be nice to get an alert from RP when a shot you are following (commented on or liked) gets resubmitted?

So - everyone catch this one first time around?

Image © Mitch Goldman
PhotoID: 549313
Photograph © Mitch Goldman

I caught it last time you linked it on the forums.
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