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Originally Posted by Dennis A. Livesey View Post

Here is one that caught my eye and more people need to see.

Image © Jon Wright
PhotoID: 548538
Photograph © Jon Wright

Pfffft... that's junk!

You cut off the "Harpers Ferry" sign on the roof. A few more feet of elevation and you'd have had it! Now go back and do it right, lol.

Ever see a shot AFTER you took it and realize that ONE thing you wish you did differently? The pole coming out of a stack, that one branch? Or, the sign you didn't work into the shot? Back on the bucket list - with a ladder!

Kidding- mostly, as I'm not sure how much height you'd need to get that sign but it reminded me of a shot I got of the NKP #765 rounding the bend past the station at Cresco. A good friend looked at me, where I was standing and said - can you get the "Cresco" sign from that angle? Shwew! That'd have bugged me. Just as if I came home and didn't see Mallory in my shot at Boonton!

Image © Greg Lacko
PhotoID: 547230
Photograph © Greg Lacko

No hard feelings, Greg (lol - there's an unintended pun in there somewhere)

Image © Dennis A. Livesey
PhotoID: 547289
Photograph © Dennis A. Livesey


Incidentally, Jon - I agree, that's a nice shot. Reminds me of the photo Dennis and I took in Baltimore of the old B&O station though I believe we both went B&W. Nice color with yours - and a cool sky!
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