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Originally Posted by Grewup on the CW View Post
This pic (no discredit to the photographer, glad he got his pic on RP) proves to me that NS "Can do or make the proper arrangements" when they want to. Southern heritage #8099 sporting a new painted plow if not the entire engine and or was given a through proper cleaning and on point to pull the OCS to their upcoming "Southern" event. No N&W heritage #8103 for the Queen of Steam.......... Seems to me the Southern part of NS rules the roost. No foam here (Lloyd), just proving a point that NS could have done a better / more "Classy" job/effort on the 611 ferry move to Strasburg.

Image © Daniel Childers
PhotoID: 710195
Photograph © Daniel Childers
Without going into a long discussion, I think that your observation of Southern "rules the roost" is somewhat correct but your reasoning why is not. The Southern embraced steam and excursions in 1966, and continued through the merger. The N&W never did, never seemed to care about corporate image, and much of this carried through to the Moorman era of the NS. I doubt that the 611 or the 1218 would have ever hit the mainline without the influence of the Southern folks. To this day, I have never made a trip to the Pokey, arguably one of the most scenic lines in the east, because it was not worth an eight-hour drive to shoot a line where the majority of trains were led by filthy turds. In my opinion, the 611 ferry move got the treatment that I would expect from the N&W.
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