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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
Although I would love to see 611 out on the main line once again, I am grateful that NS is still supporting the VMT in getting her to places where she can run. I recall a photo charter some years ago that got totally canned because another Class 1 steadfastly refused to move a steam locomotive over just a few miles of their own trackage.

I'm really looking forward to the Strasburg events. Sure, it's not going to be 60 mph, but Strasburg has good track, a nice selection of equipment and virtually the entire line provides good photography at one point or another during the day. We'll also have the added bonus of N&W 382, which a lot of people haven't seen before, unless they are regulars on Pete's charters. I am sure that Pete will take full advantage of whatever weather conditions we get. I also hope that Strasburg and the VMT make some good money off these events. If everybody wins, the fun will continue.

With regard to photographing the move from VMT to Strasburg, I guess if I lives someplace near the route, I might take a few photos, but I would not be inclined travel any distance to photograph a steam engine behind a diesel. Like I said, I am grateful that NS is doing's just not my cup of tea from a photography standpoint.
I am looking forward to see all the pics from this event. I would love to be there myself but just not in cards for me. Hope you have a great time.

With regards to (us) locals catching it...It would have been a treat considering no more than I get out when there are opportunity's, if nothing more than just to hear her chugging along. Had she not had delays on her first day out, I might have collected my on pic. She was tied down over night close to me but my work kept me from taken advantage of the unplanned layover. Life goes on, maybe next time.
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