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Default Wondering who models trains?

Just curious when your not pressing the shutter button, who here on the forums is spending time modeling trains? What scale, which railroad(s), time period, true to scale or freelance?

I have lots of stuff boxed up, some of which is from my childhood (Yes the old Tyco stuff). 3 to 4 years ago I picked up a small N scale box lot at a yard sale and my then 6 year old saw it and all my other train stuff and said "Daddy lets set it up!"
So I got it all out and went crazy building a layout with multiple city's. Got the frame work work done and track laid, ran about 4 trains and got notice that the building I was renting would no longer be available. Then we moved, so its all boxed up again waiting for space to set it up again. I currently have N, Lionel and HO. 95% of my stuff is HO which I find the most economical and user and space friendly. And you might have guessed or wondered, I was modeling the Chesapeake Western, Portions of it true to scale and the rest freelance.

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