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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
Depending on the final arrangements I may chase it moving to and fro. I enjoyed shooting it on home rails by home signals and there's no way I'll top that on the 4.5 miles of relatively bland trackage at Strasburg. I'm sure many others will enjoy it though.

Loyd L.
Although Strasburg won't look like VA or NC, the place is well-suited for photography, particularly at sunrise and sunset, assuming the weather cooperates. It is decently lit for most of the day. Unlike some railroads I've been on lately, it doesn't take long to get from A to B, so most of the trip will be spent shooting vs. riding. Also, it will be a vintage freight, vs. a hodge podge of dome cars from various railroads, so a tad more authentic than a typical fan trip on the NS.

I really wanted to photograph 611 on home rails, but the one time I was able to arrange a chase with a friend who really knew the territory, good ole JetBlue destroyed my plan at the last minute, by delaying and then finally canceling my flight....and telling me they couldn't get me down there for at least 48 hrs. I've had more miserable experiences on JetBlue than any other airline.

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