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Originally Posted by Grewup on the CW View Post
Tickets just went on sale. Curios as to whom might be going for possible meet and greet.
I bought all 4 of the day sessions. Although it won't be 60 mph running, Strasburg has a decent grade and solid track. They also have a nice selection of vintage freight cars. The combination of both extant, operable N&W engines should be a pretty nice weekend, especially if the weather is decent. Pete has run plenty of trips at "The Burg", so he'll get everybody the best that can be had given the light we get.

The night session sounded interesting, BUT at $750 for 4 hrs, I think they will have much more difficulty selling it out. I personally passed on it. I do as many charters as anyone I know, and what I've learned is that night sessions are a crap-shoot. With 35 people and just 3-4 hrs, you're lucky if you get 2-3 different photos that are keepers.....and you may get nothing you like. In my mind, no night session in the world is worth $750, but I thought that was just me. I was on a charter late last week when this stuff got announced and I took an informal poll. All but one of the patrons I talked to thought the price of the Strasburg night session was nuts. BTW, Pete had nothing to do with the pricing. That was set by the RR and the VMT.

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