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Originally Posted by miningcamper1 View Post
I have one word for Facebook's incessant prompting to "Log in/Sign up":


I did manage to click on one of KB's recent photos there, and it didn't bring me to RP.
So is there a particular place on Facebook that the serial linkers use?
In FB you can have an individual account or be a member of a group similar to other sites. You can upload your own photo with text or include a direct link to Railpics or other. If you use a link, the link will be displayed so if you did not see the RP's logo it was not a link. Individuals who are well know can have a lot of followers and people will see their post.

Without seeming to promote rail sites, some of the groups I like are community nostalgia sites. A couple I like are Yooper sites from the UP of Michigan. People post photos from a winter, an old scene sometimes rail related. The members seem pretty nice and I don't see much unpleasant.
So there is a post from downtown from the 50's or 60's with old cars and stores and people will chime in like - my father owned the XYz store on the corner or we used go downtown every Saturday, do you remember the lunch counter. Being from a micro small town I find some of these very pleasant and some neat local rail nostalgia shows up als0.

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