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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
Seems like NS prefers to burn up the CSX trackage over copper creek instead of the Appy District. You'd probably get 1 maybe 2 trains during a 2 day stay through the tunnel. The Clinchfield would be your best bet for traffic (starnes overlook, copper creek, etc.) but still not exactly a high volume route currently. There's plenty of great shots within 20 miles of Natural Tunnel, but not enough trains to fill em

Loyd L.
It's quite a bit shorter (quicker) for southbound coal off of the Clinch Valley to go via the Clinchfield than it is to continue on to Norton on the CV and then down to Frisco via the Appalachia District. This translates into perhaps one fewer crew in the grand scheme of things.

So most of what you get on the Appalachia district is coal loads originating off of the ex-Interstate RR at Andover/Appalachia or CSX trackage rights trains off the L&N connection at Big Stone Gap. Not much running from what I am hearing between Appalachia and Norton these days.
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