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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
I hope there are trips next year......
Yeah, i'm hoping too.

My life was just too hectic / busy in 2015, I missed all the excursions in 2015 and really wish I could have gone out that year. Got one trip in 2016 (the Roanoke trips) and 2 this year (Spencer trips and Roanoke trips), so I feel pretty good.

Looking forward to them keeping this up. I would love to see them do a Pokey trip, or one up the C-V line. They could do Bluefield to Iaeger or Williamson and return one day, then Bluefield to St. Paul and return the next, that would be awesome! Or for that matter, one going East out of Bluefield to Radford. They could do a morning/afternoon trip like that. Bluefield to Richlands, wye, return to Bluefield and then run Bluefield to Radford/Walton, wye and return.

I think 3 years in a row doing the trips out of Roanoke may be hurting them some on the sales of tickets, which fund this whole thing. Pretty sure no steam excursions have run out of Bluefield since the early 90's
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