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Yes, very nice! I like that they ran with the baggage express (tool car) and one red coach behind the water car. In most locations, that configuration would nicely hide the odd conglomeration of first class dome/parlor cars on the train and let the viewer dream that he/she is looking at a real N&W consist.

And yes, when it comes to steam engines, dirty is usually the best. When Pete Lerro did his N&W 382 charter at Strasburg some years back, he and his crew spent the previous night wetting down the 475 with a hose, then spraying the engine with cinders using an air hose and a shovel. It worked marvelously. When we showed up for the trip the next day, the engine looked far filthier than anything at Strasburg normally looks. They wipe their entire train down every morning, so there's no excuse for the moms to complain about the filth.

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