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Default 611 Trips kicked butt

Trying to breathe a little life in here.

I shot 611 on Saturday and Monday (both trips each day), and had a great time doing it. I didn't attempt to chase it; just settled for one good photo per direction, per trip. I also tried to stay away from the big crowd (and bigger stupidity) places. There was a much stronger Anti-foamer alliance this year, as several locations were blocked off or restricted at different times (John Farm Road, Sparrow Road, Wabun, etc). Montgomery Tunnel was a disaster as always, and I'll die happy without a single 611 photo from that location.

For Saturday's AM trip I shot off the Blue Ridge Parkway between Ballsa... Bonsack and Webster and at Tower Road near Villamont. For the PM Trip I had a spot all to myself (and my buddy) below Shawsville and we finished up at the depot in Christiansburg.

Todays' (Monday) trip I had my two boys with me, so we went to Walton for the arrival and departure of the AM trip, then to Shawsville, and finished up in Salem. The PM trip we shot from Ryan Road in Shawsville (my favorite shot of the weekend), and due to a major accident on 11, gave up on the chase and went home.

I applaud the VMT for the trips, and hope they continue onward with their plans for next year.

Did anyone else get out and shoot these trips? What's your thoughts?

Loyd L.

(I'm not posting any of my photos. You all will be sick of 611 shortly as everyone attempts to upload varying degrees of quality photos...)
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