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Sunday morning we headed east to Crawford, NE. Don wanted to see Mount Rushmore so we went out of the way a little bit. We stopped at Hill City to see the steam train that runs between Hill City and Keystone. The first run of the day had not returned from Keystone so we went out in search and got a shot of it running "tender" front.

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We wanted to get some better shots of the engine so we headed to Mount Rushmore to see the Presidents. After getting the obligatory shots and trinkets we headed back to catch the afternoon excursion and got some nice shots of the train.

Image © Carl Massart
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Photograph © Carl Massart

Image © Carl Massart
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Photograph © Carl Massart

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Since the sun was out we ran back to Mt. Rushmore for some better shots then headed off to the Ponderosa Ranch. After checking in at the ranch and stopping by the cabin we headed down to the Hill in our SUV. We got a couple of shots before darkness set in.

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I also tried a zoom-pan, a technique I have yet to master. I think this shot turned out fairly well. Not quite "Goldman" standard but getting better.

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We headed back to the cabin to meet up with Mike Danneman to grill some brats, drink some beer and make some plans for be continued
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