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One wonders why he waited so long?

I shot K64 for about a decade, and only switched to digital because it was a PITA to get the K64 developed, was expensive, and the writing was on the wall. I find it ironic that the Paul Simon song 'Kodachrome' contains the line "I gotta Nikon camera"... that was me, two Nikon F3's and Kodachrome. Still have a few rolls, including one that will never be developed.

Those here that only know digital will never know what it was like to shoot Kodachrome, and, IMO, what it was like to truly make a photograph. Digital opens some many possibilities, but it takes away a key element... knowing the film and how to use it. That view screen on the back of the camera takes away alot of the skill. If you shot Kodachrome, you know exactly what I mean by that.
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