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Exclamation Lets Get Political, Political, Lets Get Political....

My response would be:

Pretty good, and thank you for asking......

And since you are, ya' all think you could get rid of those secret courts, the Guantanamo Bay problem, the messed up economy, the war in Iraq which caused the Iranian problem and the Patriot Act?

Oh wait, did you forget that all happened during the two terms that "C" students ran the government?

Why you must suffer from selective memory loss (aka Dick Cheneyism).

Be it hereby known and declared that the last regime caused me to become a card carrying member of the Democratic Party, as hard as that is because they are a bunch of money grubbing crooks as well.

Course I have no idea why I was registered with the GOP because they never did anything in my best interest.

I think I will go sit in the park now and complain about the fact that nobody gives me a living and food to eat.

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