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Originally Posted by RobJor View Post
Not sure if this question is a little bit of a put on but I will answer straight. Turning the lights off is not welcome. A simple wave is fine(for me), I often see a wave but inside the cab as they pass, but depends on how many fingers?

There was a case written up in Trains Magazine online where some fans got under the skin of a regular crew so they would open the front door or drapes something over the front of the cab. I guess there are cases where crews try mess with someones photos but rare photo that is so important.

As a little aside I saw some were disturbed that an engineer on a certain steam engine leaned out the cab without a hat. Whatever, but probably wouldn't be doing that so much in the coal days?

My approach has always been that if you're not paying for the operation, you get what you get from a photography perspective. Since I shoot only steam, I tend to do a lot of private charters. Those are great, because we're basically paying the railroad to put on a show for us. Whether it be crew attire, smoke, whistles, cylinder cocks......what have you, the railroad will basically do whatever we ask for, as long as it's legal, not against railroad rules and of course, safe. Want smoke? Here comes the burning of Rome!

When it comes to chasing, that's a different story. If you're not paying, it's not your show. You're just a casual spectator and you take what you get. If Ed the Engineer wants to lean out the cab window and run without a hat, good on him. I am about as much of an authenticity snob as you'll find, but I am perfectly fine with Ed leaning out the window of the 4014 without a hat. He and his company have done something I thought I would never see in my life, and it was a great show, so he can do whatever the heck he pleases!

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