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Originally Posted by Chicago Railfan
I never said those things... All I said was that I didn't see it at first, and that it wasn't that big of a deal, since its A: not that big, and B: goes w/ the whit sky, which I can admit, is a turn off for the picture. I never said it was ok for it to be a little cut off, unlevel, blurry, etc. etc.
Of course you didn't say that, but Ween was just applying your logic and reasoning to more aspects of photography in an attempt to illustrate how flawed that type of thinking really is. You obviously missed the point.

Originally Posted by Chicago Railfan
And for the record, the screeners didn't pick it up either, so considering how you can find that, maybe you should be a screener.
You should know by now that the screeners don't always list every reason to for the rejection. All they need is one.
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