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Originally Posted by ShortlinesUSA View Post
I am amazed how many photos are posted with no caption whatsoever. Please, just tell us a little something about the photo. I would like to see functionality added to not allow the photo to be submitted with a blank caption, such as a web form required field. A photo alone rarely "says it all" especially when the viewer is not familiar with the operation.
I agree 100%, Mike. If a photo is worth the time to process and post, it's worth the time to describe it to its viewers. As much as it's true that every photo tells a story, it's also true that every story needs context. The only pass that I would give on your rule is for foreign contributors who speak little or no English.

While we all make the occasional typo, I am also continually amazed by the number of captions that are submitted with almost no regard for spelling or grammar.
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