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Originally Posted by rathman11 View Post
Travis, is there a better time during the day to travel the Mississippi? Does the morning or evening provide better light?
The lines almost run east-west, so you can shoot eastbounds in the morning and westbounds in the evening. Many of the "up on a bluff" shots from the Wisconsin (BNSF) side are morning shots, the opposite is true for CP on the Minnesota side.

I have a reasonably good sample of many of the cliche spots in the Metro and Mississippi River Valley on my Flickr page:

I've geotagged the majority of my shots, so you can see where they were taken on a map (look for the link on the right side of each photo page), if that's helpful to you.

If you're interested in shooting TCWR, I'd suggest doing a search for their Yahoo group - I know their transfer to Pig's Eye (St. Paul) has been running through downtown St. Paul just ahead of the Empire Builder the last few times I've been out.

The Minnesota Commerical runs their RS-27's Monday-Friday on Job 52, which is pretty interesting to look at.

If you're in southern Minnesota on Friday, another good option would be the Progressive Rail Faribault turn between Northfield and Faribault. They run an SW1500 with boxcars and hoppers down to Faribault on Fridays. When switching in Faribault, they also use an old NSP switcher.
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