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Originally Posted by Watain
McAffe is useless and horridly overpriced. I use Ad-Aware, I had a large virus on my desktop at one time, I paid $85 for McAffe, and it couldn't find the virus; and it was blinking several different viruses on the taskbar. I scanned with Ad-Aware and it found every single virus and removed it.

Speaking of viruses I should probaly scan. lol
Yes, there are better products. McAfee does come in different levels also. One single program will never do everything the best. It is recommended to use 2 virus programs, 3 or 4 adware programs, and 1 firewall. What one programs fails to see hopefully the other will.

Best site I have found for 100s of free programs.

check out spybot S&D (search and destroy)

and spyware blaster
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