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Originally Posted by oltmannd View Post
An N8b is a totally different animal from an N8. An N8b is the PC (later CR) class for an ex-NH caboose. An N8 is PRR caboose ("cabin car" on the PRR). PC, and later CR shoehorned the cabooses of the smaller roads into the PC scheme as sub classes. There is more than you want to know at

There a really neat, but poor quality shot of a PRR N8 under the wire in its original paint scheme, a 2005 image of one on a tourist line in the later PRR scheme and one of mine on the Amtrak bridge at Perryville MD. That's it.

Not sure why the NH cabooses got bay windows and had their couplas blanked out. PC did the mod. Nearly all did, though a few escaped that treatment. Probably had to do with visibility. You can see more of the train ahead from a bay window than a coupla - but that wouldn't explain how the PRR cars escaped....
thanks for the details
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