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To gotransitf59ph; as you can see its easy for a thread to go off on a tangent. The threat of being restricted in the amount of uploads allowed is very real, especially to someone new to the site. Whether or not that is important to you is entirely personal. By posting here and submitting to this site it can safely be assumed that you'd like to get some shots on here. In order to help you with that I'd like to suggest the following. Read the guidelines (sorry if I sound repetative). Look at the type of shots that get accepted. Go back to Islington bridge on a sunny day (early mornings are good for eastbounds, late afternoons for westbounds) because it is a good place close to where you're at and you can walk back and forth a long way to get angle of light/angle of shot the way you want without much visual obstruction. I'm not saying to restrict yourself forever to those parameters, but for now its a good way to keep it simple. Fire away merrily, trying to keep in mind what you're trying to achieve, keeping the guidelines in mind. If you think you've got a sure-fire winner sit on it overnight and look at it again the next day. Many times things will look different the second time around. If you still think it meets the criteria for acceptance submit it. Don't be crushed if it gets rejected, look at the shot again to see if you can fix the reason for rejection (like if it needs a bit of rotation to level the horizon, a bit of sharpening if rejected for undersharpened, a bit of brightening/darkening, etc.). Keep trying, keep learning, ask advice and so on. Once again, good luck.
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