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I like CSX because they run so much cool stuff you won't see anywhere else! Also UP is great because of the steam program! KCS has the coolest paint scheme and BNSF trusts the responsible railfans. CN, CP and NS are all nice, but these four really stand out, especially CSX and UP so these are my favorites.

Now for shortlines: I live in WNY, land of Alcos, so I like LA&L (the shortline parent of Mike Lockwood's WNYP), however I love the shortline parest Genesee Valley. The are always friendly and invite you into the cab, and I've gotten to know the crews up here over the years. I can even remember once I had a crew member stop the locomotive and then throttle up just in time for the shot they know I always take, producing a lot of smoke! Both shortlines have all-alco rosters.
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