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In no way was I trying to suggest there is anything "wrong" or "abused" in that kind of style. We're talking about art. But what is interesting, to me at least, is how what is acceptable for RP is changing (which is not necessarily bad). The stylistic differences are very substantial, not subtle. And the new styles are sufficiently "mainstream" to not just be accepted into the data base, but become screeners choices.

"The purpose of our website is to display genuine, authentic photographs of trains and railroad related scenes. Bearing this in mind, digital manipulation of photographs (beyond standard post-processing techniques such as levelling, sharpening, dust removal, etc.) is not permitted on photographs submitted to RailPictures.Net." That says to me that a photograph ought to look like a photograph. But of course what looks like a photograph, and what looks like something created in a different medium (is Photoshop a medium?} is a continuum...where do you draw the line.

I would boldly suggest that some of the pix accepted these days are "manipulated" well beyond anything that most folks (at least old geezers like me who used to work in a dark room) would consider normal photography.

Not bad, just different and interesting. The fact that some of it I like, and some I do not particularly like is really irrelevant.
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