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I say this of my own freewill and without compensation from admin:

They have a point! Now if only such standards were held to ALL patrons of RP - all of the time. The photo works fine as is. And it's certainly an oooooh, ahh! shot. I "oooooh'd" when I saw it and cringed when I saw it here as a reject. A comment from the screener is currency that admin should use more often to "buy" quality photos. Course, comments from viewers are currency viewers can use to "purchase" more of your fantastic images yet to see the pages of RP. I'm still looking forward to seeing more that have not yet graced the pages of RP. But, I digress...

There are actually times when admin can have good input - especially when it comes to technical issues vrs composition. Take the advice and if you still disagree, then throw it here on the Forum. Perhaps that's what you did - in regards to the concern with noise with further edit?

Soft is typically an easy fix. Just sharpen a bit more.

Same with exposure - underexpose - explain it or up it.

It did look a little soft, though I would not have rejected on that alone. As for underexposed - I think I (they, too) saw the histogram and there was no "info" on the bright side. Moving the slider in levels would've blown out the whites. Option A would be to selectively brighten the darker areas (shadows and highlights, dodge /burn, selective masks, ect). Option B I suppose would be curves which is what I pretty much did via Option C - a quick Levels adjustment. I brought up the midrange and then darkened the blacks leaving the whites as is.


Looking at each alone, not a huge difference, but side by side - not such a bad suggestion.


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