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Hi Greg,

Yeah, the in-camera HDR was one of the draw-cards for my recent upgrades. Now that I've played with it a bit, I would caution you not to put too much weight on that feature when evaluating potential replacement cameras. My D4 has the HDR feature. It only works in the JPEG capture mode....meaning you don't end up with a raw image. You basically tell it how may stops or EVs to allow between the two images that it is going to shoot and tell it how much smoothing effect to use when it blends those two photos. I think 3 EV is the max that you can manually set. It also offers an "auto" option, but it doesn't say what range of exposures that will select for you. It is really only for tripod museum shots, where there is no action happening.....which is really what I wanted it for anyway. It works OK, but I can't say I was blown away by the results.

I would focus more on the features you'd use every day, such as focusing array size, focusing speed/accuracy, burst rate, buffer size, high ISO performance....and handling!!! Those are the attributes that really matter when you're going to shell out a thousand bucks or more on something that you almost have to consider to be expendable.

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