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If you really want to get a reaction out of this sort of thing next time, tell them you think it was leaking HAZMAT. And you're feeling queezy.

Seriously, don't bother telling the crew of any other train as they generally don't care.

If you have no way of getting in touch with the crew of the afflicted train, best bet is just to call the local RR police and report it. By law, they have to document and record the call, and if something bad happens as a result, they can be held liable for damages caused. Plus if the customer who is to recieve that product requests an investigation, the information of that report has to be made available to them also by law.

Food for thought: When railroads make agreements to ship, they often have a clause in their service agreement that warns of possible cargo loss. Their professional liability insurance or the customer's normally covers for such loss.


Originally Posted by firegator
While watching a train pass the other day, I saw a powdery product leaking from a bottom door of a 4 bay covered hopper, and it was not a small leak-- I noted the reporting marks and gave the information to the conductor of a nearby switch crew-- He said he would call it in, but really didn't seem to care-- I got to wondering: In the event of a cargo loss like this leak, who takes the loss? The railroad, the shipper, the car owner??? Does the transporting railroad have any responsibility so far as stopping the leak and attempting repairs? So far as cargo items falling off of a train, who owns them?? Thanks, da Gator
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