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While others have suggested valid insight on certain issues, I agree with you 100% that the rejection is in fact a "damn stupid backlit rejection".

I'll bet lots of frustration was resolved when RP amended the "unlevel" rejection to state CW or CCW. Why not do the same for the backlit rejection? Amend to state reasons other then "nose light" for the rejection. AND MAKE USE OF "Comments from the screener" on an appeal when merited.

As for being over exposed - I've ran into this often (shooting stainless steal Metroliners with regularity). I'll set the exposure, drop a stop for the reflection, and hope for the best. However... there are times when I look at the preview and my first thought is "Damn, I nuked the reflection", yet think about it - "in real life", as seen with ones own eyes, the scene itself - "in real life" is in fact blown out! I mean, who here ever wondered why you can't see solar flares on the Sun while looking at shot with the setting Sun?

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