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Originally Posted by Ron Flanary View Post
...OK. I'm a little slow on the uptake at times. However, inconsistency in the screening of images will always be a problem as long as human beings are making those decisions. I'm not suggesting that high functioning chimpanzees could do better, because contributors would still be pissed off. If there's a better way to be more objective about a process that's largely subjective, I'm at a loss to know what it is.
I agree - there will always be *some* inconsistencies, but you would think that all five screeners could at least get together once - even if by e-mail and accept a few constants between them for the benefit of the site. For instance - foreground obstructions. I see little difference between the compositions of my shot and Chase's (though I do prefer abandoned in the woods vs abandoned behind a wood). Other broken rules are display engines behind fences, trains behind platform fences and trains obstructed by girders. And if you are going to reject for bad nose light or cloudy day images, it's in admin's best interest to better state the rejections to allay fears of prejudice - I dunno, add "in an unappealing way" to properly excuse those that DO get in to A similar to previous is not less similar a day later, a month later, nor a year later, either. Do they want the "best" on the net, or the first?

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