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Default Guideline changes in effect?

Is there an RP mailing list that I am not subscribed to that announced a change in policy regarding the acceptance of images with foreground obstructions?

Image © Chase Gunnoe
PhotoID: 476099
Photograph © Chase Gunnoe


When I first saw this photo thumb, I was impressed. Surreal - you bet! Abandoned in the woods, unknown to most and captured in a way that brings just that point to fruition. Upon opening to full resolution, I admit, I am not a huge fan of the placement of the single tree jutting out in front of the engine but I catch Chase's intention. My intent was exactly the same with the abandoned narrow gauge box car in the woods in Mt Union, PA at the EBT. Personally - I prefer a near 100 year old abandoned box car (since scrapped) obscured in the woods to an engine obscured by one tree.

OK - I'm done. Let's get back to unlevel, backlit noses and poor crop.


PS - If in fact changes are afoot at RP, please advise!
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