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Georg Trüb's "duds" according to RP... make that, RP's audience:

I like steam and HSR, but I can still appreciate a good diesel shot - and I'm happy to "pay" a comment for such.

What amazes me most - lol, it's not all about the bass... apparently, it's all about the timing of the post for these two beautiful shots as of 12-27-2014 have yet to break "2" in the favorite threshold and only my own comments to date. Amazing when you consider what can be found with much higher implied appeal on RP.

A shot with no comments and few favorites implies a photo with no appeal - is that the message we want to send for images like these?

Image © Georg Trüb
PhotoID: 511828
Photograph © Georg Trüb

Image © Georg Trüb
PhotoID: 511785
Photograph © Georg Trüb

Maybe it IS time to bring back the "Like" button, sans the "Dislike". The "like" can be for all of those who might not call a photo a favorite but can appreciate the effort and appeal of a shot.

In the mean time, if you like to see photos as such, and appreciate the efforts and time necessary to post to RP, now's a good time to say!

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