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Originally Posted by coborn35 View Post
Nope, don't think that's what he meant. It's hard for you guys to keep beating the "we want the best images" horse when you basically just said its all about views. That's fine, but why is it so hard to just be honest?
Doggone it, sometimes I wish it were all about the views -trust me, I have a dog in that fight!

The question is, why are some views worth more then other views to RP?

Image © Corey Vernier
PhotoID: 114354
Photograph © Corey Vernier

Image © Ed Mullan
PhotoID: 289394
Photograph © Ed Mullan

Image © Dendera
PhotoID: 199417
Photograph © Dendera

Image © Jean-Marc Frybourg
PhotoID: 366607
Photograph © Jean-Marc Frybourg

Image © Zach Pumphery
PhotoID: 406794
Photograph © Zach Pumphery

Image © Randy Murphy
PhotoID: 23850
Photograph © Randy Murphy

Image © Doug Wolfe
PhotoID: 289509
Photograph © Doug Wolfe

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