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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
Hmm...I swear I read somewhere that he had used a neutral density filter. I guess I was just imagining that.
Hi Jim,

I can certainly understand why you would imagine that. A 2-stop Grad-ND would have absolutely made more sense than a polarizer. I have a Grad-ND as well, but it is really only useful when you have a well-defined horizon. I have tried to use it in other situations and the results just look strange.

I would love to have a crack at the scenes depicted in those two PCA photos. Even though I'm not a diesel guy, those are pretty scenes and would be a nice challenge to see if I could balance the exposure and then get something reasonable in post without requiring too much selective editing. I am finding that a well-exposed raw file is amazingly resilient.

With regard to the photographer's comment about not doing any "Photoshopping", I believe that he simply meant that he didn't do any digital "manipulation", and I don't think anyone is alleging that. I do think it is obvious to everyone that the file has been heavily "edited", and I think we all understand the distinction between the two terms.

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