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Walt's image at West Glacier has impact. That is the unmeasurable appeal that causes people to click. I clicked because the shot had great thumb appeal.

When it opened up, I must at admit, I paused in my praise because the processing was so challenging to speak about.

In the comments, one visitor said he liked it as is.

In another, Walt himself said about the image:
"I had a polarizing filter on and I didn't get it rotated for the best hue. In the full resolution .tiff file the shot looks awesome! I did NO photoshopping of the photo whatsoever to add or delete to the scene. What you see is what is there!"

I would have to say, that is one unusual camera.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am not a disinterested party. I had a horse in the PCA race, one of my most popular shots ever on RP. Walt's shots though had that popular impact and got not one, but two PCA's.

Here's my shot.

[photoid= 512773]

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