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Originally Posted by coborn35 View Post
I think you are all are missing the point here. Yes the processing job is blah but why would a screener tell him it shouldn't be in black and white?
Max, you're so dam smart, I always wonder why you are wasting your brain playing choo choo.

Ya'all should pay attention to Max, he with the exception of Dennis is the only person who had any clue what my beef is about.

So what about this one?

Debris at Bagdad - [2013 Winter Solstice +1 Series] by El Roco Photography, on Flickr

Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
I don't think Billy Bob was expecting this level of criticism for his rejection.

On the contrary, if I had a thin skin, I would just be like all the other mouth breathers and start my own Facebook group to elevate my embarrassment and manifest frustration.

Originally Posted by WMHeilman View Post
Max, I got that point originally. I just disregarded it so I could tell HG how shitty the processing job was because I am an Ohio mouth breather.
Your candor is appreciated, but irrelevant since you are a mouth breather from one of those flyover places.

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