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The real "why" is why are some purposely unlevel shots accepted while others are not. After all, this is far less manipulated then others routinely accepted in the database. In fact, it was unlikely manipulated to any degree what so ever. Surely, it's subjective however - a possible onslaught of less tastefully done images could reek havoc in terms of "PEQ" rejections.
Kudos to the screener for accepting the risk and (re)opening the door to more creative, yet un-manipulated, possibilities.

As for the shot itself - there's a much great sense of excitement the way Nick has captured and presented the subject vs what would otherwise be a very dull and generic image of a rather dull and generic looking engine.

My compliments to Nick on this one, too. There are likely only a bare minimum of unlevel angles that would work as well as this one. And, in the context of this engine being just introduced and new, the presentation works all the better.

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