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Better: no such thing as "better," necessarily, but rotation can be used to increase dramatic impact or to change the "look" of an image. As for cropping, there is one look that is inclusive and another look that goes for aggressive cropping. The latter can "work" better than the former in some cases.

In this case part of the motive for cropping tight may be simply that this is not an engine, but rather some sort of a nose on display, and a wider crop would show all that emptiness. Had I been Nick I would not have identified it as a Siemens ACS-64 but rather as a display item of some sort.

Acceptable: glad to see it on. Non-level is an acceptable, sometimes interesting take on a scene. I only recall two intentional unlevels on RP, one by Steve Crise and one by Robin something, I think, the dark image with the train coming through and a bridge over the top. I can see RP avoiding such shots because RP becomes (more!) vulnerable to complaints about level. Not that RP shows any sign of being responsive to complaints, mind you, but I can see the volume of emails heading to admin rising a lot if unlevels were routinely accepted.
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